Lingual-Neural Testing (LNT).


Lingual-Neuro Testing determines how individuals respond to specific nutritional supplements before implementing them into a long-term health plan. Our bodies have the inherit ability to decipher what they need (and do not need) to repair themselves. This innate intelligence within the body holds the key to your individualized nutritional therapy plan.

The brain is linked to our organs via neural pathways. Thus, when a nutrient is placed on the tongue and the brain quickly registers it. If the nutrient is what the body needs to restore function to a sluggish organ system, the body produces a response within 15 seconds. That response presents itself by way of altered tenderness (“tenderness rating”).

The LNT embraces neurology, using science to understand your body’s signals, empowering us with the ability to understand what your body needs so we can formulate a customized nutritional plan to map out your journey towards optimal health.


Functional Evaluation Using Touch Points.


The Functional Evaluation is used to identify which of the body’s organ systems are stressed so that support for those systems can be appropriately prioritized and implemented. Each of the body’s organ systems is part of a larger structure. The Functional Evaluation considers them all; the neuro, vascular, and neuro-lymphatic networks.

When organ systems become stressed, they amass fluid. This occurs when the body tries to pull access nutrients toward the organ in an effort to support it. The body communicates the stress and fluid accumulation through the sensation of body tenderness.

There are specific points on your body that correlate to your organ systems. By tapping on those identified points and rating the tenderness response, we can identify your body’s nutritional deficiencies.