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Tap into your potential, vitality and inner badass.


Together, we’ll take the long view of your health and fitness goals, embrace your individual needs, and give you the tools and support to integrate nutrition and fitness into your lifestyle.

Our approach empowers you to discover your unique path to optimal health and nutrition while enriching your mind, body, and spirit.

No one person is the same. I want clients to understand the rationale behind the program I design for them, why each exercise has been selected for them, and how the program relates to their health and fitness goals.
— Janan Bejaige, Owner



Personal Training.


Gain strength, confidence and health with a customized fitness program built just for you.

Your training at Rebel Health NW starts with a free consultation to ensure your goals are the foundation of your training. After movement and fitness evaluations, we'll put together your custom program. We'll set goals, train and learn with periodic assessments to measure progress and make sure you're getting the most of your efforts.


Nutritional Therapy.


Develop the knowledge to fuel your body for maximum health and wellness.

Rebel Health NW can help you bring balance back into yourself and into your life through nutritional guidance. Janan is here to help you shift the conversation, and assist in changing the course of your health despite our surroundings that seem to fight against our wellness.


Looking for both? Now offering a combo package to dial in your perfect whole health program!

5 Personal Training Sessions + 3 Nutritional Therapy Sessions


Sorry, there´s no magic bullet. You gotta eat healthy and live healthy to be healthy and look healthy. End of story.
— Morgan Spurlock

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