I love being active but have always struggled to maintain my strength and fitness through the daily grind.  Janan takes the time to truly understand my goals and challenges so she can guide me to a workout routine that is realistic with my daily reality. Janan does not get caught up in the hottest new trendy workouts and diets. Instead, she applies her knowledge and experience to create programs best suited to my abilities, potential, and goals. As my goals have changed from looking good on my wedding day to training for ski season to simply maintaining my fitness level in the midst of a stressful life, Janan has been there to challenge and guide me to become stronger than I ever thought I could be.  - Kim S.
At just under 5’ tall and just over 100 pounds, I have never in my life felt powerful. That all changed when I started working with Janan. She both challenges and cheerleads; coaxing strength and courage out of you that you never knew you had. I was amazed at how quickly I saw the changes in my body. The first time I realized I had a bicep was a bit surreal – I had a hard time believing I was looking at my own arm! She is incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and is just as knowledgeable about the human condition – I leave every session feeling changed not only physically, but mentally. And it doesn't hurt that she is just an awesome person to spend time with. I couldn't recommend her services more.  - Marley G.
After working with Janan for several years, I've realized the most important thing she has done for me is to support and encourage me no matter what phase of fitness and training I've been in. Sometimes I've been more or less consistent, more or less motivated -- but Janan has always kept with me, and given me the kind of workouts I've needed. She takes a long-term, holistic view of training and health which, in the end, is more valuable to me than any short term "program."  - Audrey A.
I've said many times that I wish I were a celebrity, so I could hire Janan to be my personal trainer and travel with me everywhere I go. I would look and feel amazing! However, just going to Janan once a week has been life changing in how I am able to use and improve my body. Janan is not only a knowledgeable trainer in terms of body mechanics, but also nutrition and lifestyle behaviors that will improve your life. Whether you are looking to get started with a fitness plan, or compete at the national level (as my team has done with her), Janan is a caring, consistent motivator that I can endorse with 100% confidence.  - April H.
Janan is a great instructor.  She is the right combination of compassionate and tough.  Her studio is in her finished basement it is clean and has a ton of equipment.  With each training session I get nutrition suggestions, a personalized workout, and homework.  After four sessions, my body is already changing!  My "Mom arms" are toned and stomach is starting to become defined.  My only complaint is that I bought a pair of Joe's Jeans at the beginning of the Summer and now they are too big for me!   Make an appointment and see the results for yourself.  - Jennifer A.
With Janan as my personal trainer I get so much more than just a weekly workout. She looks at a person as a whole, not just what they need physically, but also mentally and emotionally and tailors a fitness routine accordingly for a whole body transformation. Janan stays well informed of the latest nutrition and physical fitness research and credible studies and shares relevant information and news with her clients. With each session, not only do I get a great personalized workout, but we also review my food journal and how both my food and my workouts have left me feeling physically and mentally. Since starting my workout regimen with Janan more than three years ago, I lost 45 pounds the first year, but more importantly I've gained a personal and professional confidence that I was lacking previously. She has seen me through many life transitions and has always been a great support.  - Katie P.
Results!  In just ten sessions over about four months Janan had me on a program that shed inches and increased my mobility and overall health.  Now I feel great and I'm cleaning out my closet and down two sizes.Janan really treats the whole person and knows how to meet you where you're at and push you just hard enough.  - Susan A.
Janan is amazing! She is a coach, champion for your physical fitness and goals, and continues to add new elements into my workouts to keep things interesting, challenging, and FUN! Janan's faith in my abilities and the trust I've developed in her allows us to take the workouts to the next level, trying things I sometimes think are impossible and forcing me to take on new physical challenges. I never know what I am going to get when I walk into the Studio for each session...she may throw a great cardio workout my direction, or we may do interval training or focus entirely on weights but whatever it is I feel better when I leave and can't wait to come back. Everyone needs a Janan in their lives; there is no better advocate for you and your physical health. I am lucky to be her client!  - Alexis A.
I'm new to the whole "fitness craze" & Janan has been great getting me started AND, more importantly, keeping me going! I'm committed to making positive change & she's a really important part of that. She sees her role in these kinds of life changes & takes her job (and me) seriously without being a big meany about it. I really appreciate her whole-body approach to being healthy & how that is relative to each person. She's tuff in a good way & extremely supportive. I'm glad she's with me on this journey  - Hesther O.